Thanksgiving menu – My search for the perfect balance of poultry and principles

This thanksgiving I am celebrating a lot of firsts, I am celebrating my first thanksgiving in New York City, my first live thanksgiving Macy’s day parade, and it will be my very first time roasting a thanksgiving turkey.

O. and I’m a vegetarian.

Our original plan was to Thanksgiving dinner college style, meaning mostly pumpkin bear and appletinis. My friend begged me to roast a turkey, he’s a lovable NYC stereotype, a balding midtown accountant in his late 20’s. He hadn’t had home made thanksgiving turkey since forever, he pleaded. So I found myself carrying a cold, bulky, 13.8 pound turkey from Flatbush Brooklyn, where kosher meat is far more affordable, all the way to the upper east side. It felt very silly, investing so much time into a bird that I would never eat. At the same time, I kept thinking about how magical a proper, traditional Thanksgiving in the city would be, the smell of sage and rosemary filling up the one bedroom apartment. The pumpkin beer and appletinis still on the menu of course, I had to decide what else to make for Thanksgiving. I thought, maybe to balance out the ethically questionable turkey, I would make the rest of the dishes from strictly seasonal, local vegetables.

So what’s seasonal and local on the east coast during the fall. This is the list I found on

Squash, Snap Peas, Radishes, Potatoes, Pears, Onions, Cauliflower, Carrots, Beets, and Cabbage. Surprisingly, tomatoes are still seasonal this time of year.

Arugula wasn’t listed as in season by sustainable table, but I have a love affair with arugula based salads so I double checked and OmOrganics said it is in season!

So the menu (until I become re-inspired by some new cooking blog) became:

sage and thyme roasted turkey with cornbread and candied onion stuffing – from the Food Network

sauteed radishes and snap peas

arugula and tomato salad

sweet potatoes and marshmellow (Yoni insisted!)

And o of course. appletinis, and pumpkin bear.

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