Environmental Art

Studying for an Art history exam and I ran across some inspiring pieces of Environmental Art. Just another reminder that we are a part of our own environment and not simply bystanders.ImageImageImage

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Another Thoreau Quote – my favorite beer of all time, Schlafly Pumpkin Ale!

Another Thoreau Quote - This time on my favorite beer of all time, Schlafly pumpkin ale!

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Henry David Thoreau


I chose this quote because my boyfriend is a rock climber and he lives in West Virginia, we of course love (and are very worried about) the mountains there and the landscapes they create.


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Tiny House Movement

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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Tiny House Movement

My dorm room in Manhattan is at the end of a long stretch of hallway in a looming concrete pre-war Manhattan building. It’s rumored to have previously been a mental hospital and sometimes it feels as if the ghosts still linger. when I moved into the building, I was distressed at the size of the room, ten square feet of bed, desk, and a mini fridge.

Determined to make this tiny-room my tiny-home I consoled myself with pictures of tiny-houses and the beautiful, unique people who choose to live in them.

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Thanksgiving menu – My search for the perfect balance of poultry and principles

This thanksgiving I am celebrating a lot of firsts, I am celebrating my first thanksgiving in New York City, my first live thanksgiving Macy’s day parade, and it will be my very first time roasting a thanksgiving turkey.

O. and I’m a vegetarian.

Our original plan was to Thanksgiving dinner college style, meaning mostly pumpkin bear and appletinis. My friend begged me to roast a turkey, he’s a lovable NYC stereotype, a balding midtown accountant in his late 20’s. He hadn’t had home made thanksgiving turkey since forever, he pleaded. So I found myself carrying a cold, bulky, 13.8 pound turkey from Flatbush Brooklyn, where kosher meat is far more affordable, all the way to the upper east side. It felt very silly, investing so much time into a bird that I would never eat. At the same time, I kept thinking about how magical a proper, traditional Thanksgiving in the city would be, the smell of sage and rosemary filling up the one bedroom apartment. The pumpkin beer and appletinis still on the menu of course, I had to decide what else to make for Thanksgiving. I thought, maybe to balance out the ethically questionable turkey, I would make the rest of the dishes from strictly seasonal, local vegetables.

So what’s seasonal and local on the east coast during the fall. This is the list I found on Sustainabletable.org:

Squash, Snap Peas, Radishes, Potatoes, Pears, Onions, Cauliflower, Carrots, Beets, and Cabbage. Surprisingly, tomatoes are still seasonal this time of year.

Arugula wasn’t listed as in season by sustainable table, but I have a love affair with arugula based salads so I double checked and OmOrganics said it is in season!

So the menu (until I become re-inspired by some new cooking blog) became:

sage and thyme roasted turkey with cornbread and candied onion stuffing – from the Food Network

sauteed radishes and snap peas

arugula and tomato salad

sweet potatoes and marshmellow (Yoni insisted!)

And o of course. appletinis, and pumpkin bear.

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Natures Music


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